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Specialist Employment Training and Consultancy

Activity types:
  • Advice
  • Consultancy / Consultation
  • Employment support and advice

Practical course that teaches the professional methods of training someone with a disability in the workplace.

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What we do

As well as delivering Award winning specialist employment, including Supported Employment to disadvantaged people and vulnerable learners, we provide specialist training and consultancy to education providers looking to support their students in this area.

What we offer

We offer Supported Employment Consultancy:

  • Bespoke diagnostic of school needs, including institutional analysis
  • Guidance to structuring Supported Employment and how to embed this within your establishment
  • Identify and offering specific training, including online or face to face.

Our Training

Training in Systematic Instruction (3 day Course)

This is an essential course for all job coaches or anyone interested in professionally supporting people with disabilities and disadvantages in the workplace including Supported Internships. Focusing on the Training in Systematic Instruction method, it provides a holistic method for analysing all aspects of the workplace and focuses on training people to become fully integrated members of the workforce. The course uses a wide range of methods to train staff including presentations, exercises, discussions, role play and most importantly all participants will put all the theory into practice by training consultant learners – the sessions will be filmed with extensive feedback.

The concept of Try Another Way, a system that promotes errorless learning and painless correction
• Task Analysis - How to construct a Stimulus-Response chain - breaking the task down into small trainable steps
• Data Collection – The difference between initiation and acquisition, how to identify if someone isn’t learning
• Conditions for Learning – The importance of a professional relationship when training a learner
• How to give assistance – The Hierarchy of prompts and the 3 points in time you can give assistance
• Training consultant learners – Practical session training people with disabilities which will be filmed with feedback
• 7 Phase Sequence - How to change the natural method and pros and cons of this
• Job Analysis – The importance of defining different types of routine in the workplace – how TSI fits into the current world of SE and The Supported Internship model of working
• Job Coach best practice – The importance of natural supports in the workplace, advice on long term placements