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Delivered by Schools Financial Services

Our Financial Management service provides traded, statutory, and discretionary services including full bursarial contracts and returns, as well as monitoring contracts to maintained schools, academies, and multi academy trusts in Kent & neighbouring authorities.

Our School Statutory Team provides a robust compliance programme ensuring schools are financially well managed. Schools Financial Services has a dedicated training team providing training to over 1,600 individuals each year in all areas of financial management.

Benefits of Using Our Services:

  • in-depth knowledge of all aspects of schools and academy finances
  • excellent reputation
  • diverse and responsive training packages
  • access to the latest advice and information
  • competitive pricing
  • staff involved in direct working with schools are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.

Why Do Schools Need to Manage Their Finances?

We understand that money seems to be ever-limited, especially in public sector institutions. And grant-hunting can often prove to be a labyrinthine, overwhelming task. We help schools provide the best experience they can with the finances available so that they can plan confidently for the future – for their pupils, and for their staff.

Schools Financial Services Training Brochure

Our training brochure details the training courses and E-learning on financial management for schools and academies provided by Schools Financial Services.