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18 May 2020
By School Financial Services

Schools Financial Services Newsletter May 2020

Medway 3 Year Budget Plan Submission date

As you are all aware the deadline for Medway maintained schools to submit their 3 year budget is the 29th May 2020.

However over the past week Medway have been receiving emails/calls from schools saying they can’t meet this deadline and requesting extensions. 

Medway have agreed to extend the schools budget deadline, you now have until the 3rd July 2020 to submit your 3 Year Budget Input Forms for 2020/21.

The first budget monitoring return will now be for the period April to September which will be due for submission on the 6th November 2020.

Both will still need to be submitted to [email protected]

Updated PE and sport premium allocations for 2019 to 2020

The ESFA have updated the published PE and sport premium allocations for 2019 to 2020, to reflect recent estate changes

See for further details.

Teachers’ pension employer contribution and pay grant (TPG) 2020 to 2021

The ESFA have published the pension employer and pay grant conditions for the 2020 to 2021 financial year.

See for further details

Kent Schools Email

An email was sent out on the 13th May to all Kent Schools, including the following:

  • Three Year Budget Deadline information
  • Term Time Only calculations
  • TCP Lump Sum
  • BPS Budget Setting Webinar
  • COVID-19 impact on schools

As a way of avoiding inundating you with emails, we have decided to send the occasional SFS Update when there are a number of points of information we need to share with you. Rest assured that if there is anything urgent that needs to be communicated in the meantime, then we will send that in a separate communication.

This email contains further important information and we recommend that this is read in full.

Medway NJC April 2020

We are still awaiting the new values for the Medway NJC from April 2020.

Once we have confirmation from Medway Council of these rates the BPS will be updated.

Help Desk Closure - 8 June 2020

Please be aware that the Schools Financial Services Help Desk will be closed on 8 June 2020 for staff training.

If you need to contact us, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

In This Issue
  • 3 Year Budget Plan submission deadline date
  • Updated PE and sport premium allocations for 2019 to 2020
  • Teachers’ pay grant (TPG) 2020 to 2021
  • Teachers’ pension employer contribution grant (TPECG) 2020 to 2021
  • Accounting for Exceptional costs on FMS

And Much More!

SFS Webinars and June Finance Information Groups

A series of webinars on Budget Setting for Schools were provided by the SFS Training Team. 

If you missed them, please contact the Help Desk for a copy.

The Schools Financial Services Finance Information Groups that are due to take place w/c 8 June 2020 will not be taking place at the previously advertised venues.

Plans are in place to deliver the Finance Information Groups for June via webinars.

Further details will be available on CPD Online shortly

EiS Managed Services Package

We are aware that some schools have purchased their IT services from EIS using their new Managed Services Package, in order to obtain a healthy discount, and are receiving a monthly Direct Debit notification from the TEP Billing Team (previously known as Edukent) with the EIS element showing as a lump sum and not split against CFR codes (E20, E22, E28 etc).

EIS are not able to provide us with a breakdown of the individual elements of the Managed Services Packages they are providing for each school therefore the facility to include detailed information, including CFR codes on the Direct Debit notification, is no longer available to the TEP Billing Team.

If you do not have the breakdown of the services that are included in this year’s Managed Services Package, you will need to contact EIS for full details to enable you to make informed decisions regarding the coding of their charges.

Business Update

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