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Governor Services and Clerking – Training & E-learning

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Governor Services and Clerking offers support across all phases of our education system. We are committed to working with the army of volunteers whose moral purpose is to improve the life chances of children and young people. We promote collaborative working and are passionate about fostering partnerships, evident in the way we are now supporting governance across neighbouring Local Authorities.  We strive to improve our training offer year on year to strengthen school governance and the relationships in schools that are integral to success.

Alongside our work with governors and Governing Bodies, we also provide a comprehensive clerking service offering high-quality advice and support, that is delivered by trained and experienced professional clerks, providing an effective link to other Local Authority services and personnel.

We believe that gaining skills and knowledge through continued professional development is vital for governors and clerks to confidently undertake their roles. The Governors and Clerks Professional Development Programmes aim to support Governing Bodies through the provision of a comprehensive series of training courses to equip both governors and clerks to carry out their roles effectively and enable them to strategically lead their schools and academies.

Why Do School Governors and Clerks Need Training?

Sometimes, governors & clerks are able to come to their roles with all of the professional experience they need to manage their school effectively. But a governor or clerk shouldn’t be held back by a slight shortfall in professional experience – especially when their primary desire is to help their school become the best it can be. So our governor & clerk training courses help to fill in any gaps, providing a comprehensive understanding of everything essential to the roles.

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