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Equality Diversity Inclusion Team

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Equality Diversity Inclusion Team (EDIT)

Who Are We?

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team consists of two highly experienced, knowledgeable and specialist educators skilled in promoting equality and diversity in schools and equal opportunities for all pupils. Inclusion and diversity in education is of the utmost importance to our team who have a proven track record of improving outcomes for children and young people.

What Do We Do?

It’s the responsibility of educators to do what they can to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in schools.

Our work contributes to statutory and legal duties in regard to education, equality, safeguarding, and teachers’ standards, based on current research, as well as local and national developments.

We provide specialist consultancy, support, training, advice, coaching, and mentoring.

Who Do We Support?

As part of our work promoting equality and diversity in schools, we work with a variety of settings and roles. We work with all staff and professionals working with children and young people aged 3-24 years of age including those in:

  • schools
  • Early Years settings
  • PRUs
  • further education
  • children’s and young people’s services
  • other agencies.

Our focus is on pupils with protected characteristics, and disadvantaged or vulnerable learners, including but not limited to pupils who:

Our Aims

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team believes that all children and young people have the right to realise their full potential.

We aim to support colleagues to ensure that they and the establishments they work in:

  • uphold equality
  • promote inclusion
  • ensure equality of opportunity through a needs led approach
  • eliminate discrimination, victimisation, and harassment
  • recognise and respect diversity
  • explore identity/identities, developing an understanding of self and others
  • foster healthy relationships
  • develop dialogue and social interaction between communities.

This approach leads to accelerated progress, raised achievement, and improved engagement, wellbeing, and inclusion of all pupils but particularly those who could potentially be more susceptible to having poorer outcomes.

Browse the training area for a comprehensive list of training, and view a complete list of our available resources, all supporting inclusion and diversity in education.

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Contact Us

You can get in touch with us using our designated contact page - contact EDIT here!