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Supporting Gender Diverse, Trans and Non-binary Pupils. Combatting Transphobic Bullying

Supporting Gender Diverse, Trans and Non-binary Pupils in Settings, Schools and Colleges. Combatting Transphobic Bullying

Gender diverse children, Trans and Non-binary young people and adults have been receiving more attention in recent years. This may be due to the introduction of The Equality Act 2010 which substantially strengthened the law that supports and protects Gender diverse children and Trans young people, citing gender reassignment as a protected characteristic.

This legal protection enabled Trans people to feel more comfortable in revealing their true gender identity.
Regarding protection from discrimination of pupils, staff and parents with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment in schools please refer to page 17 3.3 – 3.6 of The Equality Act 2010 and Schools: Departmental advice for school leaders, school staff, governing bodies and local authorities.

"I have been born in the wrong body"

This is a phrase that has been heard more frequently over the last few years, with children and young people in our settings, schools and colleges questioning the gender they were ascribed at birth and exploring their gender identity.

A number of issues in schools will impact on Gender variant children and Trans young people including transphobic bullying and gender specific language, practices and activities. Research and recommendations on Transgender Equality are available from the Women and Equalities Committee and Stonewall.

Our Commitment

The Education People are committed to protecting the rights, wellbeing and safeguarding of Gender diverse children and Trans and Non-binary young people. We are aware of the challenges these often-vulnerable children and young people face.

If you are working with families, children or young people and would like additional support please contact us.

How Can The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team Help?

To enhance Trans and Non-binary inclusion, promote equality and eliminate transphobic bullying the Equality Diversity Inclusion Team currently offer advice support and training for teachers and staff to help meet the needs of existing and prospective Trans and Non-binary pupils, staff and parents within their school.

For more details and information on how EDIT can help, please click one of the boxes below.

Useful Resources

Case Studies from Kent Teachers & Parents

Trans & Gender Variant Support Resource Pack

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