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Mental Health & Wellbeing

If you are a Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead in your school or organisation and would like to receive mental health and wellbeing news and updates please register your interest by clicking the pink button below.

The DFE have provided a grant to Local Authorities which seeks to better equip education settings and support student’s wellbeing as they return to school. The Education People are working with KCC providers and other partners to deliver free training to schools and colleges and then provide ongoing support to education settings over the next 6 months. The new training programme is available to book now - please go to the Wellbeing in Education Return page for full details.

About Kelly Hannaghan

Kelly is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant and has spent her professional career passionately focussing on enhancing the opportunities and life chances of people in education.

Through the power of her mental health training and therapeutic relationship skills, she has successfully led a school on the Wellbeing Award for Schools process, resulting in the school being the first nationally to achieve this. Kelly is an active speaker, blogger and writer of wellbeing in education and is passionate about creating the conditions under which teachers and pupils and families flourish.

Kelly consistently empowers stakeholders through initiatives to build their resilience in learning and workplaces.  Her work has been recognised by the Department for Education, The NCB and the Anna Freud Centre.

Our Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

The secret to effective wellbeing is to combine bespoke wellbeing strategies, onsite services and the highest quality of training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Kelly strongly believes that when it comes to supporting people’s wellbeing a one-size-fits-all approach will not work.

So, whether you are a school leader, a teacher, or simply active in the education space, we can tailor our consultancy service and training to your bespoke requirements.

The Education People offers a variety of different mental health, therapeutic and coaching services to meet schools’ needs, including in-school support, webinars and resources. Our programme of support works across three distinct areas: Staff Wellbeing, Pupil Wellbeing and Community Wellbeing.

Training and consultancy services for whole school mental health and wellbeing development for pupils, parent/carers, and staff.

Strategies and guidance for school leaders to embed whole school approach for wellbeing and positive mental health in education.

To provide a framework for a positive wellbeing culture in schools and retaining staff.

At conferences and meetings in the wider community.

The Wellbeing for Education return DFE funded programme of support for schools and colleges.

What We Do