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Welcome to The Education People Membership scheme for Kent and Medway schools.

If you are a registered member of The Education People website, you will receive up to date information, support and advice as well as access to credits (see credits section for further details) that you can spend across all services as well as receiving member benefits.

Membership can be obtained on different levels depending on the requirements of your school.

Existing packages and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will still remain and we look forward to adding to these offers over time.

Levels of membership are outlined below however if you would like to discuss membership with us please email: [email protected]

The Education People's Universal Membership is for Kent and Medway schools.

This level of membership is completely free!  Once you have registered as a member at this level you will be entitled to:

  • useful templates to use for policy writing or reviews for your school*
  • take advantage of any early bird offers or priority booking opportunities
  • access valuable primary English and maths resources.

*We are in the process of updating this years documents and you will be notified when these are available.

Those schools who have bought one or more of our packages or Service Level Agreements will automatically join at this level.  If you don't currently buy any of our packages you must purchase at least one to access this level of benefits.

Our packages and Service Level Agreements include:

Benefits include those described in the Universal Membership, plus the opportunity to purchase credits (see credits section for further details) which can be spent across all services in The Education People at discounted rates.

You will be an Elite Member if your school purchase all available packages from The Education People.

As well as the money saving benefits from purchasing multiple packages and the Universal and Enhanced membership benefits, we will also offer these customers a free place on all of our The Education People conferences throughout the year.

Credits and Savings


Primary School Improvement Service Level Agreement (SLA) customers already enjoy discounts and benefit by using credits to pay for support when they need it.

From September 2019 any school that has a Service Level Agreement or package with any of The Education People services will automatically become an Enhanced or Elite member with The Education People and be able to purchase bundles of credits to use across our services.


Credits are available to all Enhanced and Elite members.  Each individual credit is now worth £10, which you are able to spend on bespoke services as well training courses and conferences run by The Education People. Have a look at our Credit Brochure for further details.

How can I purchase credits?

To purchase bundles of credits please email [email protected] or telephone 03000 415 820.

The Membership scheme will be reviewed annually in line with new available products.