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Primary Teaching Assistant Training Package

Audience: Primary Schools
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2

A comprehensive suite of E-learning courses, carefully designed to cover the broad range of skills which a teaching assistant (TA) requires to support learning confidently and effectively. The seven courses range from an introduction to basic pedagogy and behaviour management strategies, to more focused learning in specific curriculum areas, for example building the subject knowledge required to teach phonics well and support learners in mathematics. There are also several modules to raise awareness when supporting pupils with specific needs (such as those with English as an Additional Language) and explore effective intervention approaches.

Suitable for both teaching assistants at the start of their career and also for those wishing to consolidate learning or gain additional skills, they come highly recommended by schools.

Please note if you buy into our Primary School Improvement package these courses are included.

What delegates have said

Courses Included

Are you sure that the phonics teaching of all your practitioners is as good as it ought to be? Do you have anyone new to supporting or teaching phonics, whether teaching assistant or class teacher? Do some of your practitioners lack the subject knowledge required to teach phonics well? This comprehensive and thorough E-learning module will be indispensable to your training needs, regardless of which systematic, synthetic phonics programme your school is using. Step by step, delegates will learn a wide range of phonics knowledge, terminology, skills and understanding which are necessary to ensure sound, confident teaching for all children across the school.

This is a practical E-learning course to support TAs who may be working with challenging behaviour in the classroom. The module will focus on how to develop positive relationships and strategies creating a calm working environment.

"The course gave me an understanding of what may be expected and how to deal with certain pupils." Teaching Assistant, East Sussex

This course aims to embed a clear understanding of the importance of formative assessment procedures in the classroom, in order to promote the best possible progress for pupils. A number of strategies are examined, and practical ideas for utilisation in the classroom suggested. This course can be taken on an individual basis, but can also be used productively in a sequence of staff meetings/ year group meetings to encourage discussion, reflection and development of new strategies in school.

For many adults working in schools, maths is not their favourite subject or the one they feel most confident in, largely due to their own experiences of maths. Luckily, things have changed and the research points to much better methods of teaching and learning mathematics. Whether you love or loath maths, this course will help you to understand ways you can support the learners you are working with to achieve success and confidence in mathematics.

"This course has provided me with some great ideas to use during our maths lessons." Teaching Assistant, John Wesley School

You may have new teaching assistants or TAs that would benefit from consolidating their knowledge or upskilling them by undertaking this comprehensive E-learning module. This course will increase confidence for TAs working in any year group/s across the school. Find out what you didn’t know and be the best practitioner you can possibly be. Topics are covered in bite size sections which include SMART objectives, pedagogy and how pupils learn and more, so there are opportunities to reflect on your own practice.

This module provides an introduction to supporting children with Speech, language and communication needs. The content will explore the key terminology for this area and some important considerations for the planning stages, whilst also sharing some strategies that can be used every day in the classroom


  • Understand the key terminology for speech, language and communication development.
  • Consider the importance of recognising when a child may need additional support.
  • Develop classroom practice with key strategies to support learners.

This module focuses on key techniques and approaches to enhance classroom practice to ensure that whilst resources are adapted for SEND learners, they continue to be ambitious and aspirational. The content will explore classroom challenges you may encounter and planning to overcome these to support all learners in your care.


  • Understand the SEND classroom context and key areas of need.
  • Consider the challenges children with SEND may face when learning.
  • Develop a range of classroom strategies to engage all learners, particularly those with an additional need.

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