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Primary School Improvement Training Package

Fixed price subscription primary school improvement online training package for all your staff members.

Our Primary School Improvement Package will enable you and your staff to attend as many of our primary school improvement online training courses as you like for a fixed cost - no additional charges and no limits on the number of attendees from your school!

We have an extensive and varied selection of courses on offer covering a wide range of topics and designed for staff members at all levels. All these courses are brought to you by The Education People, and are of the highest quality; developed and delivered by national and internationally-renowned education experts.


Our Primary School Improvement Training Package provides unlimited access to the full range of primary school improvement online training courses for all staff in a school.

Annual subscription prices are based upon school size as follows:

Less than 150 pupils - £750 annual subscription
150+ pupils - £5 per pupil annual subscription

eg 200 pupils on a roll - £1000 annual subscription
    350 pupils on a roll - £1750 annual subscription
    500 pupils on a roll - £2500 annual subscription.

Courses Included

Our primary school improvement team are constantly reviewing their course offer and will update the programme regularly throughout the year.

You can see our full programme here >>

E-learning courses:

Basic Phonics Skills for Teaching Assistants
Behaviour Training for Teaching Assistants
Cultivating a Growth Mindset Class
Developing Your Behaviour Management Toolbox
Developing fluency in multiplication facts
Developing number sense through the use of manipulatives in KS1
Effective Formative Assessment - Accelerating progress through assessment for learning
Effective Questioning for Teaching Assistants
Establishing a Positive Class Climate
Manipulatives for Teaching Assistants
Module 1 – An introduction to Teaching and Learning for Teaching Assistants
Questioning to Promote Talk and Thinking
Successful Subject Leadership
Teaching Essentials: Connect the dots between evidence-based research and classroom practice
Unpacking Learning Objectives and Success Criteria

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