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Primary School Improvement Training Package

Fixed price subscription primary school improvement online training package for all your staff members.

Our Primary School Improvement Training Package will enable you and your staff to attend as many of our primary school improvement online training courses as you like for a fixed cost - no additional charges and no limits on the number of attendees from your school!

We have an extensive and varied selection of courses on offer covering a wide range of topics designed for staff members at all levels. The courses include E-learning, pre-recorded webinars and live and interactive online training courses. All courses are brought to you by The Education People, and are of the highest quality; developed and delivered by national and internationally-renowned education experts.

Why Should My School Buy Into This Package?


The Primary School Improvement Training Package has been developed with quality in mind. Including a library of pre-bookable live and interactive training courses covering all elements of primary school improvement, ensures your staff are experiencing a face-to-face style of training, learning from education experts and their peers.

Our course authors and trainers have all experienced school life as headteachers, advanced skills teachers and classroom teachers - their training courses are written to support staff using their experience within education and their understanding of successful school improvement and raising school standards.


Developing a training package to support the entire school improvement training expectations at a reasonable price was a main focus when creating this package. We are confident that buying into this package will save your school £££s from your CPD budget.

The Online Element

No matter your preferred way of learning, this package offers three variations of learning style:

  • Live, interactive training
  • E-learning
  • Pre-recorded webinars

Whether your staff are visual learners, note takers or discussion based learners, there's something for everyone.


Our Primary School Improvement Training Package provides unlimited access to the full range of primary school improvement online training courses for all staff in your school.

Annual subscription prices are based upon school size as follows:

Less than 150 pupils - £750 annual subscription
150+ pupils - £5 per pupil annual subscription

eg 200 pupils on a roll - £1000 annual subscription
    350 pupils on a roll - £1750 annual subscription
    500 pupils on a roll - £2500 annual subscription.

If you wish to discuss pricing options for Multi Academy Trusts, click the link below to contact our Customer Relations Team.

Live Courses Included

Our primary school improvement team are constantly reviewing their course offer and will update the programme regularly throughout the year.

Courses you can expect to see cover the following topics:

  • teaching and learning
  • leadership and management
  • English and maths
  • teaching assistant and support staff training.

In addition to the topics above, the dynamic and ever-evolving programme focuses on topics relevant to specific terms, updates from the DfE and current issues directly affecting your primary school.

Online Learning Courses Included

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