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Ofsted Preparation

Assistance with Ofsted preparation, including a pre-assessment challenge for your school.

Ofsted Preparation

Pre-inspection support

  • Overview of the inspection framework and what to expect.
  • Coaching staff through a range of inspection activities and rehearsing the Ofsted conversation.
  • Support with website compliance and effective use to promote the school.
  • What is historic and current data saying about achievement?
  • Guidance to ensure your school-evaluation form (SEF) is evaluative and evidence based.
  • Advice around the school plan and aligning the school development plan (SDP)/school improvement plan (SIP) to school self-evaluation.

Pre-inspection challenge

  • Challenging leaders against the inspection framework.
  • Completing a range of inspection activities to evaluate provision.
  • Checking the school is website and single central record (SCR) compliant.
  • Evaluating the school plan and impact.
  • Evaluation of self-evaluation form - are judgments accurate and realistic?


£330 per half day/twilight or £650 per whole day +VAT (if applicable)
(Or 320 credits per half day/twilight or 630 credits per whole day).

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