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Secondary Teaching Assistant Training Package

Audience: Secondary
  • Key Stage 4
  • Key Stage 5

Why Have We Developed This Package?

According to the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), schools in England employ over 380,000 teaching assistants (TAs), costing the average school approximately £200,000 per annum.

With that in mind, this suite of E-learning has been designed to upskill these vital staff members, raising their professional status and empowering them to become even more valuable members of your team.

Why Should Schools Buy Into This Package?

  • Poor TA deployment has a negative effect on attainment; effective TA deployment can have positive impacts. (EEF)
  • Effective use of teaching assistants can reduce teacher workload and stress, while also improving classroom behaviour. (EEF)
  • Developing your teaching assistant workforce is a better investment of Pupil Premium funds than employing more TAs. (EEF)

Modules Included

This module is designed to support practitioners with:

  • understanding the needs of students
  • understanding their background
  • ensuring high aspirations.

This module is designed to support practitioners with exploring the power of restorative approaches, including: 

  • the language used
  • focusing on feelings, how they make others feel and the ripple effect
  • assessing how you would feel in that situation – the fence and nails story. 

Introduction to the national SEND landscape and how this can be translated to support your classroom approach, including:

  • supporting a range of needs in the classroom
  • adapting universal approaches for all learners
  • sustaining a manageable workload.

Explore the ways in which you can promote independence in young people, including:

  • building their resilience and supporting positive wellbeing
  • securing independence through a structured approach
  • developing secure pathways for young people.

Explore ways of working with class teachers to best support learners, including:

  • preparation before the lesson
  • supporting the whole class and working with individual pupils
  • effective follow-up.

Provide a framework for teaching assistants to support pupils when reading text that is above their reading age, including:

  • the importance of reading in the curriculum
  • the main barriers to comprehension
  • strategies to support struggling readers.

Build a positive mindset about maths, including:

  • how we perceive maths affects the feelings students feel about maths
  • confidence is infectious: how can we impart confidence to students?

Exploring when helping cannot be helpful, by asking the questions:

  • what prompts and questions can be used to help move a student forward in their thinking?
  • how can we support mathematical thinking through questions?

The Package

The package contains eight high-quality E-learning modules for an introductory price of only £100 per TA.

You can also purchase individual modules - find out more here.

Schools in Kent and Medway also have the option to purchase one day of face-to-face SEND Supervision for £680 per day.

SEND Supervision

For schools based in Kent and Medway, we are also offering face-to-face consultancy for TAs working with SEND students.

Our expert adviser will visit your school to offer bespoke support by listening to your individual needs and that of your students. Once they have been established, our adviser will give advice about particular students and offer effective strategies to take away and implement.

Total cost: £680

Please email us with enquiries: [email protected]

This support can be delivered as one full day, or multiple shorter sessions throughout the academic year.