I CAN Talk Boost KS1 is a targeted and evidence-based intervention programme, which supports children with delayed language in Reception and Key Stage 1 to make progress with their language and communication skills. It is delivered in primary schools by classroom teachers and assistants and provides a structured programme that accelerates children’s progress in language and communication by an average of 18 months after a ten-week intervention.

This intervention is an excellent, and well evidenced, use of pupil premium.

The intervention is designed to improve the language and communication skills of 4 to 7-year olds. It comprises three 30–40-minute group sessions a week, delivered over a 10-week period by a trained teaching assistant. In addition to this the class teacher will run a weekly whole-class activity and there are activities that can be practiced at home. This training course is designed for training pairs (class teacher and teaching assistant). Schools can send training pairs for each year group (YR, 1 and 2).

This course is delivered by Equality and Inclusion advisers who are also ICAN licensees and qualified teachers.

Pre-course information: This section includes important information - please read carefully.

  • Each school attending the training MUST purchase an exciting and comprehensive toolkit per year group. The 'one off' cost of the Talk Boost KS1 Bundle' is £500.
  • If you have already purchased the ICAN Talk Boost KS1 resources, you can send delegates only to be trained. Delegates will need to bring their resources with them on the day.
  • As this is an intervention programme, ICAN do not allow the training course to be delivered without the resources.
  • Following confirmation of your place you will be contacted by email with details of how to order your resources.

The early years training will develop your:
• understanding of the rationale behind Talk Boost KS1
• understanding of the importance of good speech, language and communication skills
• ability to identify and select children who would benefit from Talk Boost KS1 and measure their progress
• ability to understand the Talk Boost KS1 activities and how to support children’s communication
• ability to deliver the Talk Boost KS1 intervention successfully.

As this is a specific intervention programme, I CAN do not allow the training course to be delivered without the comprehensive toolkit which needs to be purchased in addition to the training.