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Talking partners: promoting speaking and listening

Talking Partners: Accelerating progress in Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) skills across the curriculum leading to better outcomes in writing.

Talking Partners

Talking Partners: promoting speaking and listening, accelerating progress in writing

Talking [email protected] is designed to improve the way children communicate across the curriculum, enabling them to become independent and skilful speakers and listeners and accelerate progress with writing.

It is designed to improve the delivery of speech, language and communication (SLC) in the classroom on a day to day basis by practitioners, as well as support targeted children who may lack skills or confidence to express themselves clearly.  This targeted, time-limited (10 weeks) intervention that can be used with small groups or the whole class.

The practitioner models the use of good language structures, varied vocabulary and positive speaking and listening behaviours. Talk frameworks and visual prompts are used throughout to support children to become more independent learners.

Talking [email protected] is effective, proven good practice. During a 10 week programme pupils typically make over 18 months progress in their productive oral language.

It is particularly beneficial for children who have English as an additional language.

Course Objectives:

  • To examine the underpinning pedagogical principles and benefits of the Talking [email protected] programme
  • To develop a bank of resources through demonstration of practical activities
  • To be able to provide opportunities for pupils to practice and rehearse target language through a range of focused activities
  • To be able to gauge and evidence impact of the programme.

Optional pre reading Time to Talk by Jean Gross

It is recommended that both an inclusion manager and teaching assistant or equivalent attend the course. Delegates must attend both days training before Talking Partners can be implemented in school.  Places are provided on a first come first served basis, with a maximum of 16 people on the course.

This training is delivered by an accredited talking partners advisory teacher.


2 full day training sessions

+VAT where applicable
£335 per person for 2 days (including cost of £75 resources). If two delegates attend from the same school and would like one set of resources then one person will be charged £335 and the other £260.

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