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A Practical Guide to Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years

Make a difference…our awareness of difference has been...

A Practical Guide to Inclusion and Diversity in the Early Years

Make a difference… our awareness of difference has been heightened in recent months and discussed in the media, our homes and in settings. Inclusion is at the heart of early years practice and this course aims to empower you to be responsive to making sure children learn to celebrate difference in our settings and communities. The webinar provides insight into the child's world by celebrating difference and valuing diversity in our early years settings. The session aims to challenge attitudes and explore practical strategies to make sure every setting provides a completely inclusive experience for all children and their families.
The session will enable delegates to make positive changes to their practice by reflecting on different ways to influence stronger inclusive practice in their own setting.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn that inclusion is about attitudes as well as behaviours and practice. You will also reflect on ways to influence inclusive practice in your setting.
  • Reflect on your own inclusive values and consider how these are made clear through everyday policies, provision and practice.
  • Think about ways to work with families and children to ensure that they have a voice and feel welcomed, included and supported.
  • Learn about ways to provide a rich, inclusive play environment that reflects our diverse communities and represents unique children and their families.

This course has also gained accreditation, please click here to view certificate.



£40 +VAT per person