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Safeguarding review

Activity types:
  • Advice
  • Assessment
  • Review

A review will be carried out by safeguarding professionals with experience in statutory child protection work.

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Safeguarding review

The Education Safeguarding Service can offer schools, academies and settings a review of their safeguarding practice.

There are different types of reviews dependent on requirements; for schools either a full review or a desktop review and for settings a specific early years review.

Reviews are carried out by safeguarding professionals who have experience in statutory child protection work.  The basic format of a full or early years review is an eight point plan which makes reference to relevant legislation and guidance issued by central government and the Kent Safeguarding Children Multi-agency Partnership (KSCMP).  These reviews can cover all points or focus on specific areas which can be discussed at the time of booking.  A report and an action plan will be provided following the review, with clear guidance as to what actions need to be taken by the school/setting to ensure the immediate safety of the children, as well as identifying long term improvements.  The desktop review is undertaken after the completion of the self-review tool by the school.  There will be no separate report, but recommendations and/or confirmation that requirements are being met would be noted on the review tool at the time of the visit.

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