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Promoting the Inclusion of GRT Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Promoting the Inclusion of GRT Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Many practitioners feel uncomfortable discussing underachievement of vulnerable groups, particularly when the groups are defined by their ethnicity. Children and families who are Gypsy, Roma or Travellers of Irish heritage, particularly when they are ‘settled’ and no longer travelling, are often ‘invisible’ because most are white and their ethnicity is not obvious, but they are recognised and protected under the Race Relations Amendment Act. These frequently excluded groups experience prejudicial and often openly hostile attitudes and racism.

Deep-seated prejudice towards Travelling communities is often unashamedly voiced and hostility is openly displayed, particularly in the media where anti-Traveller feelings are often publicly expressed without fear of criticism. Trevor Phillips former Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission described this as ’the last “respectable” form of racism’ These attitudes should not be allowed to penetrate a profession that cares for and about all children and families.

How Can the Equality Diversity Inclusion Team Help?

Promoting the Inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children Within Settings.

The Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage states that:

“The EYFS seeks to provide:

  • quality and consistency in all early years settings, so that every child makes good progress and no child gets left behind
  • a secure foundation through learning and development opportunities which are planned around the needs and interests of each individual child and are assessed and reviewed regularly
  • partnership working between practitioners and with parents and/or carers
  • equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice, ensuring that every child is included and supported.”

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team (EDIT) will support practitioners to ensure that this entitlement is met for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children.

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Useful Resources

Building Futures Developing Trust: A focus on provision for children from Gypsy, Roma and Traveller backgrounds in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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