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Engaging GRTs in Secondary Schools

Engaging Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller Pupils in Secondary Schools

At key stage 4 (2018-19) the disparity between Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils is wider than in earlier key stages. The Attainment 8 score of Gypsy/Roma pupils was 19 points and Travellers of Irish Heritage 27 compared with an average across all other ethnicities of 47 points. The average progress 8 score was -0.81 and -1.05 compared with -0.03. National Statistics Key stage 4 performance, 2019 (revised).

They were also far less likely to stay in education after the age of 16 than pupils in any other ethnic group, with just 58% of Irish Traveller pupils and 62% or Gypsy and Roma pupils staying on in 2014/15. Race Disparity Audit Summary Findings from the Ethnicity Facts and Figures website March 2018.

It is the duty of schools to do all they can to reduce the disparity between these groups and others.

How Can The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team Help?

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team (EDIT) can provide consultancy, training and 1-1 pupil and group support to help secondary schools to improve the engagement of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils.

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