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Introduction to Attachment - Training for KCC Foster Carers

Audience: Foster Care
Single session

Brief Overview

This training will enhance participants’ understanding of the importance of early nurturing in the building of quality attachments, and the effect these early relationships have on child development. It will give an overview of what can happen to children’s development if they lack the security of a safe and secure base.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of the bonding and attachment process and the role of parenting figures - demonstration, handouts and group discussion.
  • Video of the child’s early needs in relation to attachment.
  • Understanding our attachments and the development of friendships and support systems.
  • Overview of the effect of poor attachments on child development.
  • Identifying some of the things that can go wrong - relating theory to practice.
  • Helping children who are experiencing difficulties.

Important note - all participants should have to hand a toy or item that has been special to them



  • Session - 20/01/2025 08:30  -  12:30

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  • Steve Goodburn Brighter Future Solutions

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