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If you have a booking/course/training related question the below FAQ list may answer your question. If you can't find the answer from the list below, please contact us.

Course/Booking FAQ

Please use the 'Got a question Contact us' button on the event page. This will ensure that your query reaches the relevant course administrator.

If your query is urgent and you need to speak to an administrator please ring the Training Helpdesk on 03301 651 000.

You can navigate our training offer in a few ways.

  • To get you to the most appropriate courses please select the Training tab on the website (on the purple horizontal bar), followed by the card (portal) most suited to you ie Primary, Secondary. Once the appropriate portal opens there are navigation fields on the left-hand menu to assist you in getting to the training required.
  • To use the calendar search, please select the Training tab on the website (on the purple horizontal bar), then click on the All Training card (portal), once the portal opens you will then be able to use the calendar search to see if there was a specific date you required training.
  • Lastly, you can search for a course in the search bar at the top of the screen. If you type in the event title/specific word – this will pull up any products and events with those words

Individuals or CPD Leaders/Organisation Administrators will need to cancel the original booking and re-book an alternative course.

Yes! Log into your account and on the left hand side you will see My Online Courses and My Events.

Under My Events you will see My Upcoming Events and My Past Events where you will see courses due to attend and attended.

To access your training certificate:

Log into your account and on the left hand side you will see Account Details.

Click on My Certificates. A list of events attended will appear and certificates can then be accessed/downloaded.

Please note: you can only access certificates in this area for face-to-face and live online courses.
For details on how to access certificates for E-learning and recorded webinars please visit the E-learning FAQ page.

Account Permissions FAQ

Contact the Training Helpdesk and we can set this up for you. Please send us an email from someone in your school leadership team, school business manager etc and provide us with your username (email address) for the establishment for which you require admin account permissions.

By default all new user registrations will be able to add any type of product to their establishment's basket and will be able to check out these products. A notification of training purchases will be sent to the CPD Leader/Organisation Administrator.

What is a CPD Leader/Organisation Administrator and What Can They Do?

A CPD Leader /Organisation Administrator is the person/people who are authorised to purchase multiple E-learning licenses, reassign products and training courses on behalf of the establishment eg headteacher, school business manager, school administrator. The school can have as many organisation administrators as they wish.

A CPD leader/organisation administrator may manage one organisation or be responsible for several.

When logging into your account with The Education People ensure that you select the relevant organisation that you want to view/administer/make bookings on behalf of.

By clicking on the Admin Area or each organisation you are responsible for you will be able to access the following:

  • a list of all users against the organisation
  • a list of all E-learning and Recorded webinars
  • a list of all Events that have been booked, including any past events and cancellations
  • a list of all Products and Resources purchased against the organisation
  • access to all certificates issued for live events and training
  • order history for the organisation
  • historical events (pre August 2023).

Did you know? If you want to switch organisation when logged into your account - click on the Icon next to Hello.

As well as being able to access the above information a CPD Leader/Organisation Administrator can:

  • Once logged in under the correct organisation, click on the Training icon on the bar and then select the relevant course you wish to book delegates onto.
  • Click on Book Now
  • Select the number of delegates you wish to book for (please note - some events may limit the number of delegates an organisation an book)
  • Click on Continue Booking
  • Select Add Details against the Delegate. A drop down of delegates against the organisation will appear, select the relevant delegate and continue with the booking.

Once logged in under the correct organisation, go to Our Events and select the relevant event that you want to edit or cancel.

Edit the Event booking:

  • if you have a different member of staff who needs to attend the course instead of the original booked delegate you can amend the booking to another delegate.
    Simply Edit the details and the original delegate will be cancelled and replaced with the new delegate.
  • under Edit you also have the option to cancel an individual delegate. Simply click on the Cancel Individual Delegate icon (please note - cancellation charges may apply so please check before making a cancellation).

Cancel the Event booking:

IMPORTANT - please note this cancels ALL delegates booked under one order number (ie you may have booked several delegates at once - this button will cancel ALL bookings.

If you only wish to cancel one booking:

  • select the Edit Booking Button, select the delegate and then cancel.
  • If you book an event on behalf of an individual, the individual will receive the email confirmation and you will receive a copy. The same applies if you cancel a booking on the delegates behalf.
  • If an individual from your organisation makes their own event bookings you will receive a copy of the email confirmation. The same applies if the delegate cancels the booking.

For all organisation (except Early Years settings) please email Digital Development Support team with the names, email addresses and school/organisation details of staff leaving your organisation.

If you are an Early Years setting please email the Early Years administration team with all the relevant information.

Training Helpdesk FAQ

Our Training Helpdesk is available:

  • 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday
  • 8.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays.

The telephone number is: 03301 651 000