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ACE's and Attachment Theory Training for KCC Foster Carers

Audience: Foster Care
Single session

Brief Overview

This workshop explores the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on children’s development, using robust research from the field of Attachment to deepen carers understanding of Developmental Trauma and the Attachment based strategies which effectively support children who have experienced trauma to thrive.

It builds on foster carers knowledge of Attachment Theory applying key concepts to everyday life, giving foster carers the opportunity to reflect on the dynamics created when children have an Insecure Attachment Style and to consider ways of helping their children develop a healthier attachment style through their everyday interactions with them.

Learning Outcomes

  • To deepen foster carers understanding of the impact of ACEs on child development through the lens of Attachment.
  • To explore key Attachment concepts including Internal Working Models and Mind Mindedness and their application to everyday care of children who have experienced trauma.
  • To explore how children’s attachment styles impact their everyday life.
  • To explore the dynamics created within foster families and provide foster carers with a reflective space to consider ways of positively managing these dynamics.



  • Session - 13/03/2025 10:00  -  12:30

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  • Tracy Bennett New Day Ltd

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