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Reviews of Governance packages

Reviews of Governance include some of the following elements; review of minutes, governor self review questionnaires, support with action plans and reports.

We offer a variety of reviews, tailored to meet individual requirements, please see below some of the reviews we offer.

Governance Evaluation

Our Governance Evaluation provides a framework to ensure that those with governing responsibilities can:

  • consider clerking arrangements
  • ensure statutory requirements are in place
  • assess and evidence the effectiveness of the work of the governing board
  • evaluate governance meetings.

The evaluation process has been designed for academy and local authority maintained boards. It has been prepared with reference to the Governance Guides for maintained schools and academy trusts.

The Governance Evaluation includes a document review, reflective discussion and report ensure action plans are realistic, systematic and meet the ever-changing needs of the board.

Governing Board Observation

Governing Board Observation with feedback and short report with recommendations to improve practice
The best assessment of how a board works is to see them in action. Our Governing Board observation provides all board members with the opportunity to receive feedback to highlight areas of good practice and points for further improvement. Our short report will contain recommendations that will help governors to improve practice that will support succession planning and effective governance.

External Reviews of Governance

We offer an in depth, comprehensive review examining the six features of effective governance:
Strategic leadership; accountability; people; structures; compliance; and evaluation

For LA and/or SAT External Review of Governance following a full review of documentation and a development session with your board, you will receive an action plan to support and develop effective governance.

For MAT External Reviews of Governance, we will seek to understand the trust’s whole governance structures and processes, ensuring every level of governance is considered to support the trust board and aid development and effective governance at all levels.

Our experienced reviewers will, through discussion and documentation review,

  • consider the process and impact of decision making
  • consider the impact of the governance support provided to the board
  • assess compliance with mandatory governance requirements.

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