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Asset register

The asset register service will provide you with a inventory of all movable assets.

Asset Register Package

This package is to set up and train staff on the SIMS Equipment Register (ER) module of FMS6. Schools can use this to maintain an inventory of their moveable assets.

This package includes:

  • pre-visit preparation guidance document
  • set-up of SIMS ER
  • transfer of data into SIMS ER*
  • training on how to maintain up to date SIMS ER asset records
  • training on how to set up and record details of a stock take
  • training on how to run reports
  • set-up, training and guidance manual.

* Schools that currently use books, instead of spreadsheets, which hold a large quantity of assets and who wish all of their data to be imported into the SIMS ER during the half day visit will need their data transferred into an Excel spreadsheet prior to the visit. The spreadsheet will be set up by our team remotely using data obtained from the school. The cost of this particular element of the package will depend on the quantity of assets.

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