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Enhancing Family Involvement in Children’s Learning (EFICL) - Learning links

Enabling children to thrive through better support from families, featuring Threads of Success' innovative and multi-award winning EFICL programme.

Enhancing Family Involvement in Children’s Learning (EFICL) - Learning links

Learning Links is a 10 week parenting programme (two hour sessions per week) delivered by highly experienced professionals, who are knowledgeable and skilled in child development and enhancing family involvement in children’s learning.
The focus of Learning Links is to promote a model whereby families are valued and respected as being the most important educators of their children. Sharing key child development concepts and philosophies adopted in early years practice, together with useful tools for families, will help them further understand and support their child’s fascinations and developmental dispositions to learning.
This co-delivered programme will develop skills in working more effectively with families and to recognise that “the parents’/carers’ specialised knowledge of their own child can stimulate our thinking and is a tremendously valid part of our professional development” (Whalley, 2007).
The programme will develop sustained dialogue with parents about children’s interests, needs and fears and through sharing this information, the rich knowledge and joint understanding
developed between parents and practitioners, will assist each child in reaching their full potential.

Up to 16 delegates can attend this event.

To show your interest in this learning links training please contact the Threads of Success Coordinator on: 03000 422376 or email: [email protected]