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English as an Additional Language - Pedagogy and Practice

English as an Additional Language (EAL) - Pedagogy and Practice

The Department of Education definition of a pupil with English as an Additional one ‘who has been exposed to a language other than English during early childhood and continues to be exposed to this language in the home or the community.’

The latest school census 2020 data indicates that there are more than 1.6 million pupils in the UK recorded as having English as an additional language, this equates to 19.5% of the overall pupil population.

Who Are the EAL Pupils in Our Schools?

English as an additional language covers a diverse group and will include pupils:

  • born in the UK
  • recently arrived in the UK due to personal, professional, or economic choice
  • those fleeing persecution including refugees or seeking asylum
  • those new to English
  • developing proficiency in English
  • who have English as a main language but not yet at age expected proficiency
  • who are advanced or fluent bilingual/multilingual in English and other language/s
  • those familiar with Latin-based script, used to different alphabets or have no literacy in any language.

Teachers' Duties

Teachers have a duty to meet the needs of EAL pupils under the Equality Act 2010 (protected characteristic of Race), National Curriculum (4.5, 4.6), Teachers Standards (standards 3, 5).

How Can the Equality Diversity Inclusion Team Help?

The Equality Diversity Inclusion Team (EDIT) offer consultancy, advice, support and training (both bespoke and through CPD online) to help staff in schools meet the needs of all EAL pupils.

EDIT also offer 1-1 pupil and group support to individual EAL pupils who need extra input to accelerate progress and reduce the gap between this group of learners and others.

For more details and information on how EDIT can help, please click one of the boxes below.

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