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Virtual Visits:

Virtual visits take place over Zoom.  You will need to ensure you have access to a device where you can comfortably see, hear and interact with the trainer/s.  If you want the visit to be ‘mobile’ the technology will need to support this (either via a laptop, ipad or setting mobile phone).  It is recommended that not more than 3 staff are involved with the virtual visit to ensure communication remains clear and accessible. At this challenging time, the service is being even more flexible with regards to delivery and are offering more evening and weekend training sessions and visits.

The following visits are:

  • Strategic Improvement Visits
  • Strategic Inclusion Visits *NB: The Equality and Inclusion Pre-EY LIFT visits remain KCC funded to all settings within Kent
  • The 'Ofsted Health Check for Childminders' visit - £50 +VAT

All of the below visits are KCC funded for settings within Kent:

  • Strategic Business
  • The Annual Conversation
  • The New Provider Set Up
  • Setting Up a Collaboration
  • Knowing Your Market
  • A Successful Trustee
  • Business Review
  • SEND Equality and Inclusion Adviser Support

Setting visits:

1.5 hour visit - virtual: £138.00 +VAT
2 hour visit - face to face £241.00 +VAT*

Childminder visits:

1 hour visit - virtual: £70.50 +VAT
1 hour visit - face to face: £117.00 +VAT*

*(please note there will be a £0.45 per mile charge for outside Kent)

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