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Understanding Loss and Grief - Training for KCC Foster Carers

Audience: Foster Care
Single session

Brief Overview

A core task for Foster Carer’s is to support and care for children who have experienced repeated losses, at times including bereavement, to manage transition and change for foster children, foster carers and birth children within the family. This course aims to give Foster Carer’s an understanding of the impact of loss on children and to provide ideas on how to support them through their grief.

The course will require participants to reflect upon their own experiences of loss and bereavement, the impact of fostering in relation to loss and grief, and how this has impacted on them, and their families, and identify coping strategies and what has helped them to cope.

Learning Outcomes

  • To develop an awareness of the impact of bereavement and loss on children & young people. This will include considering their developmental level, how they cope and use their defences, and an overview of theories.
  • To consider how children & young people may, or may not, show their distress and needs. To develop ideas and experience creative ways to help children express themselves and their feelings appropriately.
  • To consider how to support the needs of children & young people who have experienced loss and bereavement.
  • To reflect upon how personal loss / bereavement impacts upon a Carer, and also how a grieving child in your care may also impact upon you.
  • Within a child development framework understand how children & young people may understand, process, and experience loss & bereavement To understand how children & young people in our care, may feel when experiencing a loss, repeated losses or bereavement and how they cope and use their defences.
  • To have considered how they may/ may not be able to express themselves, their feelings and needs and how we can help children with this.
  • To consider what is a “normal” grief reaction within a theoretical framework. To consider how transitions/changes of foster placements affects foster carers in terms of grief and loss.
  • Carer’s to be more confident in how they can recognise, support & help children who are struggling with bereavement & loss.
  • To acknowledge the impact of loss & bereavement on the Foster Carer & consider self care.



  • Session - 14/01/2025 09:30  -  12:30

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  • Steve Goodburn Brighter Future Solutions

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