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Improving Writing in KS2 Through Effective Planning

Audience: Primary
Single session
  • Primary School Improvement Training Package
  • Key Stage 2

Brief Overview

This course will support KS2 teachers to build a unit around a high-quality text that enables them to deliver all of the National Curriculum objectives for English (reading, writing and GPS). Delegates will explore ways to engage pupils with a text, strategies for developing their ideas and vocabulary, and understand how to build in opportunities to revisit previously taught text forms to ensure learning 'sticks'.

This course will focus on the text 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' by Joe Todd-Stanton. It would be helpful for delegates to have their own copy to hand to mark up during the course. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to build a unit of work around a high-quality text to teach the reading, writing and spoken language requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • Understand how to teach the reading strategies using a picture book.
  • Explore ways to build in revisit / review opportunities to practise previously taught text forms.
  • And, consider opportunities for integrating fiction, non-fiction and poetry within the unit.



  • Session - 30/04/2024 13:30  -  16:30

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Delivered by

  • Sarah Carpenter