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Improving the Teaching of Mathematics in Year 3 and 4

Audience: Primary
Single session
  • Primary School Improvement Training Package
  • Key Stage 2

Brief Overview

In the Education Endowment Foundations Guidance for Mathematics in Key Stage 2 and 3 it discusses how teachers need to emphasise the many connections between mathematical facts, procedures, and concepts. This is most prevalent in Year 3 and 4, where pupils are building upon their existing knowledge gained in Key Stage 1 and beginning to use more formal methods. Without this deep conceptual understanding, pupils may gain misconceptions which will disrupt their leaning in upper key stage 2 and beyond.

This course will explore key concepts from the National Curriculum for Maths, using manipulatives to deepen and develop understanding of mathematical ideas within the year group Programme of Study. A range of activities and resources will be shared that develop children's ability to reason and communicate their mathematical knowledge and understanding.

Learning Outcomes

  • To ensure that teachers have a full understanding of the aims of the National Curriculum for their year group(s).
  • Gain awareness of the representations, including Bar Modelling and manipulatives, that can be used to support learning.
  • Recognise possible misconceptions and how to address these.
  • To explore a range of high quality teaching opportunities linked to each aspect of mathematics, and know where to find such tasks and how to recognise a good learning resource.



  • Session - 09/10/2024 13:15  -  16:15

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Delivered by

  • Jason Horne