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Children's Behaviour as a Communication

Audience: Early Years & Childcare
Single session
  • Foundation

Brief Overview

This training will explore behaviour and social learning in the early years.

In this session we will be looking at how children learn, and how they communicate their feelings and needs. We will consider interactions and the importance of the adult role, in assisting children to become resilient and confident in their personal, social & emotional development.

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain an understanding of children's behaviour as a communication.
  • Develop a realistic  view of what is reasonable to expect of the child considering their previous experience age, stage, ability, understanding, personality and current experiences of daily life.
  • To learn strategies that will support the adult child interaction and to consider adult interaction styles and feelings. 



  • Session - 21/01/2025 09:30  -  11:30

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  • Ele Hibbert

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