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Child Development - Training for KCC Foster Carers

Audience: Foster Care
Single session

Brief Overview

This one day training further explores the effects of poor attachments on children’s ordinary development.  Caring for these children can bring frustrations in that their worlds can be very different to that of ordinary children. Therefore, time will be given to exploring a range of difficulties these children can face and opportunity to map out their needs.

Learning Outcomes

This course aims to:

  • Consider the relevance of attachment in ordinary development.
  • Consider the difficulties children and adolescents may face when their traumatic state has affected their attachment or attachment has been available to them.
  • Explore what individual children find difficult.
  • Consider research based methods of helping children through their difficulties.

Course Content:

  • A reminder of the attachment cycle – reflections on the previous days training – shared observations.
  • The effects of trauma on children.
  • Identifying some of the difficulties children and young people may face when they have attachment difficulties. (Video and demonstration)
  • Relating theory to practice, mapping out individual needs and identifying the help that they require.
  • Rebuilding the cycle, current research and techniques to enhance children and young people’s ability to improve both their social and emotional relationships and a more secure mental health.
  • Recognition that some children and young people need additional professional help; ways of working together.
  • Effects on the carers, looking after ourselves.
Participants should bring along some observation on a child or young person that they have some concern about.



  • Session - 25/03/2025 09:30  -  12:30

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  • Steve Goodburn Brighter Future Solutions

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