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The Education People is very excited to bring you another great lineup of TEP Talks speakers for 2022.  The TEP Talks series launched in September 2020. These interactive sessions will take the form of a termly webinar, followed by questions, answers and discussion. They will be led by leading national and international speakers and link closely to current educational priorities.

This is a unique opportunity for teachers to connect with leading education experts as they share ideas and provide thoughts on how to close the gaps in pupil learning and improve educational outcomes.

During 2020 we had TEP Talks from Marc Rowland (Putting Your Energy into the Provision for the Forgotten Third), Alex Quigley (Closing the Reading Gap), Professor Daniel Muijs (Using Relevant Research and Evidence to Inform Practice in School) and Ian Gilbert (Navigation vs Knowledge - Thinking and Learning in a Post COVID World).

2021 TEP Talks were held by Professor Teresa Cremin (Reading for Pleasure - Building Communities of Readers), Mark Anderson (Research-informed Approach to the Successful Use of Technology Support Remote Education), Pran Patel (Reviewing Curriculum Impact on all Children - Working Towards Equality)  Christine Counsell (Knowledge in a Curriculum: Getting Beyond the Myths and Misconceptions), and most recently Maxine McDonald Taylor (The Education Inspection Framework and SEND).

So far for 2022, we have recently had a talk from Lavinya Stennett (One Year On - What Now?), Daisy Christodoulou (Formative and Summative Assessment), Daniel Sobel (How can We Get Inclusion to Work in a Way That doesn't Involve as Much Cost, Time and Stress?) and confirmed the following TEP Talks which are available to book now:

  • Alex Quigley - How do We Close the Writing Gap in the Classroom?
  • Lindsay Pickton - The Key Stage Two Reading Curriculum and the Reading Diet.

Please be aware that our TEP Talks are only available as live events and will not be available to purchase as recorded webinars.

Alex Quigley

TEP Talks: How do We Close the Writing Gap in the Classroom?

Date: Tuesday 4 October 2022

Time: 4.00pm to 5.15pm

Webinar: A 90 minute webinar with Q&A session

Price: £60 (+VAT)

This session will cover:

Alex explores the current writing challenges facing our pupils, including the potential impact of the pandemic on writing. He shares compelling evidence and crucial strategies that can be applied in classrooms across primary classrooms. From handwriting, spelling, teaching the writing process, sentence variation approaches, Alex brings a wealth of practical strategies to close the gap.

Alex’s books and prolific blogs explore how, with the increased demands of an academic curriculum, closing the gap between ‘word rich’ students and ‘word poor’ could provide the vital difference between school failure and success. He expertly weaves academic research with practical classroom observations and suggestions. Even more pertinent currently – as children return to school and the vocabulary and reading gap of the most disadvantaged has undoubtedly increased.

Alex Quigley is a successful author of books for teachers, including 'Closing the Writing Gap' and 'Closing the Vocabulary Gap'. He has been a teacher for over fifteen years and now works at a national charity focused on breaking the link between parental income & pupil attainment. Alex is also a columnist for TES and Teach Secondary magazine.

Lindsay Pickton

TEP Talks: The Key Stage Two Reading Curriculum and the Reading Diet

Date: Tuesday 29 November 2022

Time: 3.45pm to 5.15pm

Webinar: A 90 minute webinar with Q&A session

Price: £60 (+VAT)

This session will cover:

In this TEP Talks we will offer thoughts on the following:

  • What do we mean by ‘progression’ in reading comprehension?
  • What are the key sticking points in reading comprehension?
  • The relationship between word-reading, fluency and understanding
  • Making sure more reading happens.

Lindsay Pickton has been a successful primary education advisor and author for over 20 years, specialising in practical, active approaches to primary English and healthy attitudes to learning. He is passionate about giving children both the skills and the desire to read avidly, for pleasure and purpose.