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Supported Internships Programme

Supports all students with SEND in their last year at school to gain the right skills needed in the modern workplace. Price per student.

Supported Internships for Students with SEND

Delivered by our experts in our Specialist Employment Service, our Supported Internships Study Programme for Students With SEND supports all students with SEND within their last year at school to gain the right skills needed in the modern workplace. It helps students make a successful transition from education to employment.

Your Role

Student Journey

Your student remains on roll undertaking the study element of this programme for two days per week. Study will be individual to meet your students' educational needs and is bespoke training linked to an internship placement.

Our Role

We will support your student in the workplace for the whole academic year for up to three days per week. The support will follow the quality supported employment model from student engagement to internship placement.

Working closely alongside your teaching staff, parents/carers and employers we support students with a disability to make informed and realistic choices about their work and future career development.

We have the experience and expertise of working with individuals who have moderate to complex needs across a wide range of disabilities. Our mentors have extensive knowledge of supporting employers to achieve the best possible outcomes for someone with a disability in the workplace. Our multi-disciplined team, from school and PRU backgrounds, are specialists in autism and challenging behaviour, and are qualified in delivering careers guidance and professional Supported Employment.
This combined with our track record on sustained employment and our tailored job matching service makes us an ideal partner to support both you and your students.

How We Help

We work with each student to produce a vocational profile that identifies aspirations, needs, abilities and skills. This is a very effective tool in getting to know and understand students and gather information that will lead to an appropriate support strategy and internship placement.

We provide the right help and support so that both the student and the employer have a positive experience.
Our aim is to enable students to find successful and relevant internship placement opportunities by using the following approaches, support and experience:

  • a vocational profile assessment
  • local employer knowledge
  • finding relevant experience close to a student's home
  • communicating with employers
  • job coaching and in work support.

This training helps students gain the skills, experience and confidence to travel independently. We use a structured method to develop skills and build confidence. Skills such as how to plan a journey, road safety, understanding of travel routes and timetables, problem solving and personal safety are developed.

We can support your students with:

  • vocational profiling
  • careers guidance
  • CV writing
  • job search skills and job matching
  • interview skills and practice
  • employer visits.

Take a look at our 'Supported Internships Study Programme for Students with SEND' leaflet for additional information.

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