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Tracking Statements for the Primary Maths Curriculum

Tracking statements to assist schools in manageable, accurate maths assessment through the year, through every year group from 1 to 6.

Tracking statements for the primary maths curriculum

  • Tracking statements to assist schools in manageable, accurate assessment through the year, through every year group from 1-6
  • A set of resources which all 'speak to each other' and which also align closely with DfE documentation
  • Tried and tested in Kent, which achieved 5% above the national combined standard for reading, writing and maths in 2016
  • Accurate; manageable; user-friendly; teachers love them!

These resources have been created, drawing from Government guidance. They relate directly to the 2014 National Curriculum and align with the Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks.

The resources have been presented in both A4 and A3 formats for flexibility. The A3 versions provide a handy 'all on one page' view of the key tables for each Year Group (1-6). This enables ease of assessments for pupils within each topic area.

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Working closely with children

The tracking statements have been developed, keeping pupil-friendly language in mind. The resources provide clear targets for mathematics which children and their parents can understand.

The resources describe in detail whether a child is:

  • Working towards the expected standard
  • Working at the expected standard
  • Working at greater depth.

What else is there to help you?

Sitting alongside these tracking statements, schools can also purchase the assessing English - primary reading and writing standards and the tracking statements and pupil-friendly targets in the primary English curriculum. Samples of pupil work can be accessed, spanning all year groups from 1-6, and including many film clips or audio files to show children reading aloud. This resource sits well alongside the tracking statements, which can be used to support teachers in their judgements about pupil attainment.