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Making Primary Science Assessment Work

Making primary science assessment work is a comprehensive online resource to help with assessing pupils without levels.

What is making primary science assessment work?

Making primary science assessment work is a comprehensive online resource to help with assessing pupils without levels.

This online resource has been developed for primary school teachers to progress their assessment procedures further.  Making primary science assessment work is a plethora of ideas, activities and helpful resources that aims to accomplish the needs of teachers and pupils with regards to assessment procedures.

From a teacher’s perspective, this resource will yield information that can inform their teaching in a timely manner.  The information gathered will also make it easier for teachers to track where the pupils are in their understanding of science and skills learnt as they progress through their school life.

From a pupil’s point of view, the activities are engaging, relevant and encourage them to understand where their understanding fits within the bigger picture.  The children will have tasks to complete which will require them to take part in and talk about the questions asked.

What's included?

A unit of assessment has been written for each of the 28 sections of the science programme of study. Each unit contains:

  • Teacher’s information
  • Key words
  • Key pictures
  • Question cards
  • Enquiry challenges
  • Additional assessment cards
  • Toolbox labels
  • Achievement tables.

About the author

Andrew Berry, MA, PGCE

Andrew Berry taught and held the position of science leader for nine years in primary schools in Kent.  Andrew then worked for a further seven years as the primary science adviser for the 475 primary schools in Kent.  During this time he worked within over 250 schools, wrote two schemes of work for science for the county, and was one of the authors for 'TASC wheel - problem solving in primary science'.

He also provided numerous training sessions for all school staff; including numerous county conferences.

For the next year Andrew worked as a teaching and learning adviser for a district within Kent.  During this time Andrew was constantly providing training and supporting teachers in class across all subjects.  Following this role, Andrew became the Centre Manager for The Education People's Environmental Education Centre - Horton Kirby, which is a role he has continued in for the last three years.  In this role Andrew now teaches, both at the centre and in schools and training primary school teachers in how best to provide quality learning opportunities for children.


Making primary science assessment work - £135 or 130 credits