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Essential RE Knowledge: Hindu Faith E-learning

Audience: Primary School Teachers & Teaching Assistants
  • Foundation
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2

One of the issues raised in the latest Ofsted Report Deep and meaningful? The religious education subject report (17 April 2024) was professional development for RE teachers being deemed crucial to maintain a high standard of subject expertise, and that schools need to add depth to their RE curriculum.

This E-learning course has been developed to boost subject knowledge and teacher confidence when teaching pupils about the Hindu Faith. The modules are interactive with useful video clips that can then be utilised in the classrooms to improve the quality of delivery and engagement in lessons.

Each module covers the key aspects of the religion or world view. They will also be of use to anyone in school who wants to know more about specific religious views to support in the classroom.

What will delegates gain?

  • Accurate subject knowledge which can enhance their RE teaching
  • A deeper understanding of the origins of Hinduism and it's key religious texts
  • An awareness of religious festivals and practices.

What will pupils gain?

  • Access to a broader, more balanced and accurate RE curriculum.

This product is also available as part of the Primary School Improvement Training Package.  If your school has purchased the Primary School Improvement Training Package, please enter your voucher code at the checkout.

Did You Know?

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