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Governor Monitoring Visits Policy 2023-24

Our Monitoring Visit Policy applies to school visits made for the purpose of governance and covers both circle and committee models.

Protocol and Procedures for both Circle and Committee Based Governance Models

Our Monitoring Visits Policy covers both circle and committee based models, and applies to school visits made for the purpose of governance.

By adopting and applying the Monitoring Visits Policy boards will ensure that all school visits will:

  • have a clear focus, linked to strategic priorities and delegated governor roles, be timely and planned against the board approved monitoring schedule and board meetings
  • be arranged with adequate notice through the headteacher who will agree it with the relevant members of staff
  • have a written report to evidence the visit and effective delegated function as well as enable further scrutiny, challenge and strategic decision making by the board
  • be of value to the board in ensuring its effectively fulfils its core functions; collectively holds the school to account, which can be demonstrably evidenced to outside agencies such as Ofsted.

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