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Primary School Improvement Training Package FAQs

We understand that there are always queries and questions about products and packages.  We hope that the FAQs below clear some of those up.  If your question isn't listed here, please click the link below and drop the team an email.

The charge for primary schools is based on the number of pupils on roll as at the previous January roll count from the point of joining the scheme.

The charge is £5 per pupil with a minimum charge of £750 (for schools with 150 pupils or less). So, a school with say 200 pupils will pay £1,000 and a school with 500 pupils will pay £2,500

The charge is an annual one for a full twelve month’s training (from point of joining).

(If special schools and PRUs want the primary SLA, there will be a different calculation based on staffing numbers.)

  • Credits – preferred option for those with credit balances
  • Direct debit - preferred method of payment for those without credit balances
  • Invoice
  • Card payment

The Primary School Improvement Training Package is a 12 month subscription.

The minimum subscription is for a full twelve months training – no refunds can be given for part year usage (this doesn’t affect your statutory rights).

The contract will roll over automatically to provide continued access to the full training package unless a school gives four months notice of not wishing to continue to access the training.

Providing there are spaces available, there is no limit on the number of people you can send on each course.

Yes, the whole staff could attend the same training course (dependent on spaces available), but the course will not be exclusive to that school and may have attendees from other schools.

(Bespoke whole school training is available but is subject to separate charges.)

We are always open to requests for new training courses and refresh our training regularly but we cannot guarantee to provide new courses for all requests.

We will continually review courses and spaces available and where demand is high for a particular course, we will endeavour to put on additional courses to meet that demand.

There will be no cancellation charges for any bookings cancelled up 8 days prior to the course start date.

We reserve the right to charge £50 for any bookings cancelled 7 days or less prior to the course start date.

(It is not our intention to penalise subscription customers for unforeseen circumstances that prevent them from attending their training course. However, we do need to protect against block booking of spaces, which if unlikely to be taken up regardless of circumstance, will deprive other schools from filling those spaces and may be “wasted” unnecessarily.)

Yes, you will need to log into CPD Online using your The Education People log in credentials.

No, this is against our terms and conditions.

(If other schools you are connected with would like unlimited primary school improvement training we will be happy to extend this offer to them. Please contact the Customer Relations Team who will be happy to arrange the subscription.)

The product is already heavily discounted in order to provide maximum value for money for schools. However, we are always interested to hear from groups of schools or MATs who wish to make bulk purchases.  The level of additional discount will be dependent on group numbers. Please contact the Customer Relations Team for a price.

You will be charged per individual school. The product is already heavily discounted in order to provide maximum value for money for schools, but if the numbers being brought together as a bulk purchase are significant, a discount may be available. Please contact the Customer Relations Team for a price.

From the date of the contract, all courses within the package will be available to your school.

We will refund you for your existing booking(s) and re-book the places using the free entitlement under the package.

All online primary school improvement courses (around 100 per year) including all primary school improvement TEP Talks and all primary school improvement E-learning.

No, unfortunately we cannot include conferences at this time. The product is already heavily discounted in order to provide maximum value for money for schools, so there is a limit to the amount of free content that can be provided within the price.

Yes, no further charges will be issued to take up places on the designated courses within the package.

Yes, all courses outside of the package are chargeable.

Providing unlimited access to interactive training courses is an education sector-leading initiative and requires careful planning and resources to give schools a quality experience each and every time they want to participate in school improvement related training.  However, once this package is established, the plan is to extend to the full company training offer.

No, your contract will be rolled forward automatically unless you give notice (four months) that you do not wish to continue.