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Tracking and Supporting Young People

All local authorities have a statutory duty to track the education, employment and training activities of young people aged 15 to 18 years old and report their findings to the Department for Education.  This includes a monthly return, a September Guarantee Survey and a Destination Survey.

The Skills and Employability Service provide the strategic leadership for this, as well as much of the operational activity. This is detailed in the annual NEET Action Plan which is managed by the NEET Interdependencies Group each term.

Each year:

  • over 34,000 young people are tracked
  • data is collected from over 130 schools and 3 college groups with 12 campuses
  • data is collected from local authority services supporting young people
  • over 4000 young people are individually communicated to by our dedicated tracking team via telephone, email, text, letter and social media.

The tracking of young people underpins all of the work delivered by the Skills and Employability Service. It identifies those young people who need support, monitors the success of our careers and transition support and provides the data used to inform planning of young people’s services in Kent.

Meet the Team

In 2019, Robin took on the role of Young Persons Participation Coordinator and has been responsible for training all new members of his team; whilst still delivering the same high-quality service to the young people of Kent.

As a coordinator, Robin is responsible for making sure that team is focusing their efforts each month in the right areas to maximise the amount of young people they are contacting each month. The purpose of this is to find out what they are doing in terms of education, employment or training and offer support where necessary.

Robin is also responsible for the ‘September Guarantee’ data return, which starts in March and runs through until September. This is carried out to learn what students in Year 11 and 12 are planning on doing for the following academic year. From September, the team then switches to check if these plans have happened and support those who’s plans have changed.

A lot of this work revolves around doing data checks with schools and Robin is responsible for organising this and making sure that over 100 schools across Kent receive the correct data securely.

Robin also supports the young people of North Kent directly and understands that formal education isn’t the right route for everyone, as all young people have different situations and career objectives.

Robin holds a level 4 in Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

In his position, he engages with and supports 16 to 18 year-olds, reaching out to understand their work and education situations. If they aren't employed or in school, Eric personally offers assistance, guidance and advice, or makes a referral to the NEET Support Service.

Eric maintains regular communication with approximately 28 schools in his area and takes great pride in his work, particularly referral leads to a NEET Support Worker providing meaningful help and guidance that significantly influences a young person's life for the better.

... in the contact centre. Her responsibilities encompassed aiding the public with diverse service issues, including Blue badges, highways, children and adult social services, and birth and death registration.

A few years after the birth of her youngest child, Learna sought a change that would leverage her experience from the contact centre. This resulted in her starting a position as a Young People's Participation Officer (YPPO) at The Education People. In her current role, she finds fulfilment in offering support to young individuals and their caregivers, particularly those unaware of available resources within their community.

Learna actively engages in meetings with her exceptional team and collaborates closely with schools to foster positive relationships and gather updated data.

working in education and SEND settings throughout South East London. She holds a BA Honors Degree in Childhood and Youth Studies (SEN Specialism), as well as a Foundation Degree in Early Years.

After having her youngest child, Katherine started work as an emergency call handler taking calls from elderly, vulnerable and disabled clients and it was through this role that she found her true vocation in life to become a psychotherapist. Katherine is currently studying towards her Level 6 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (H.DIP PSY C) and will qualify as a Psychotherapist in 2025.

In her role as Young Persons Participation Officer for West Kent, Katherine is able to quickly build trusting relationships with young people of all different abilities. She achieves this by being truly interested and keen to engage with every young person that she speaks to. As the first port of call for many of our young people and their families, Katherine believe it is important that we really listen to what young people have to say, when deciding how best to support their needs.