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Early Career Framework

Delivery of the Early Career Framework with Best Practice Network

We are pleased to be supporting many schools in Kent with the delivery of the Early Career Framework (ECF), which was a new requirement from September 2021.  We have teamed up with one of the 6 lead providers of the ECF – Best Practice Network (recently rated OUTSTANDING by Ofsted), to deliver a full induction programme.  Follow this link to find out more about the recent changes to our ECF programme structure, based on feedback from our schools.

Having successfully reached the end of year 2 of our first cohort, we have supported its development to ensure it meets the needs of our schools locally.  We have the added benefit of being able to offer the face to face training in a number of districts across Kent to ensure the sessions are easily accessible.   To register for the delivery of the ECF with us and BPN, please follow the instructions below.

*Please note: schools are able to choose the provider they wish to deliver the ECF and do not have to go with the Appropriate Body they have signed up with, for the purposes of induction. 

Registering with The Education People and Best Practice Network for the delivery of the ECF:

Registration consists of three parts:

  1. if your school has not yet had an ECT, or is changing Lead Provider to Best Practice Network, you will be prompted with instructions for next steps within the DfE Online Service
  2. if your school has not yet had an ECT or is changing Lead Provider, the school will also need to register with Best Practice Network via the BPN website School’s registration form.

**When you get to the question “If you were directed here by a local Teaching School Hub, Multi-School Organisation or training partner, please select from the dropdown below” select The Education People**

Once the above has been completed,

  1. BPN will share a ‘BPN registration link’ for ECTs and ECMs (mentors) to set up their accounts (note, BPN will only share these links once the application has been completed on the ‘DFE Online Service’ portal).  This link will arrive via email so please keep an eye on your inbox and also junk emails in case it lands there.

Contacting the ECT Induction Team

Tim Spoerry, Induction Manager
Helen Grzeszczak, Induction Coordinator (part-time)

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 03301 651 300