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HAF Programme Information for Schools

How schools can promote the HAF Programme to eligible families

Schools in Kent will be asked on the lead up to Easter, summer and Christmas holidays to send out Evouchers to all of their families who are in receipt of benefits related free school meals.

In Kent we have been using Wonde’s HAF Programme EVoucher platform to enable families to demonstrate eligibility to providers, as this reduces burdens for schools, families and HAF Programmes. This platform also enables families to search for HAF Programme partners in their area.

Wonde now use their new ‘HolidayActivities’ system to further simplify and streamline their processes, please watch their webinars and access the help sections before the HAF Programme EVouchers go live each holiday, particularly if you are new to this system.

For schools to issue the HAF Programme EVouchers to eligible free school meals families please follow the link to login to your schools account

For any queries about using the EVouchers please contact [email protected].

To support parents in using their EVoucher, please click here.

School based HAF Programmes

If a school is interested in being a HAF Programme partner and offering a funded holiday club for their children. Please email the HAF Programme team at [email protected] to discuss the application process, funding and support. More information about the requirements of being a HAF programme partner can be found on HAF Programme Partners and Potential Programme Partners (

If a school would like to make their site available over the holidays for a HAF programme partner to deliver from and would like to discuss how to do this, please contact the team at [email protected]

HAF Programme: Delivering HAF in Schools

Working in partnership with schools is one of the fundamental ways to embed and develop HAF Programme in your local community. In this recorded bitesize, Childcare Works explores HAF Programme delivery from a schools perspective. We look at two case studies - one small rural Lincolnshire Primary School and a contrasting, large urban Secondary School in Birmingham. Colleagues explain why they chose to get involved with the Programme and the delivery models they have developed to meet the needs of individuals and the wider school community alongside the HAF Programme. They reflect on some of the initial challenges, solutions and highlight top tips for schools and coordinators for HAF Programme delivery in 2023/24.

If you have questions, please email [email protected]