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15 January 2021
By Rebecca Avery

COVID-19: Acceptable Use Policy for Remote Learning and Online Communication

The Education Safeguarding Service have published a Template Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Remote Learning- this was subsequently updated and included within our wider AUP templates in September 2020.

During the current Covid-19 restrictions, many schools and settings are implementing remote learning, including live streaming, as well as other forms of online communication to provide formal education and to stay in touch with learners and/or parents carers. The AUP template will enable schools and settings to clearly state their online behaviour expectations for all involved.

The templates specifically address safer practice when running remote learning and communication, including live streaming, however, there is no expectation that staff should run formal live streamed sessions or provide pre-recorded videos. Settings should implement the approaches that best suit the needs of their learners and staff following appropriate discussions with their communities.

The AUP should be amended and implemented following a thorough evaluation of remote learning tools with approval from leadership staff; we encourage leaders and DSls to access our 'Safer remote learning during Covid-19: Information for School Leaders and DSLs' guidance. Some statements will not be suitable for all settings due to the age/ability of the intended audience and different system functionality; the AUP should therefore be personalised.

Blue font indicates that the setting should insert relevant information
Pink font highlights suggestions to assist leaders in amending sample statements and ensuring content is appropriate. This content is provided as guidance notes and should not be left in policies.

Please note, this template may be updated regularly to reflect new guidance; settings should ensure they use the most up-to-date edition. Version 1 was published on 28th April 2020. This document was updated in September 2020.

Kent educational settings can contact the Education Safeguarding Service for further advice and support.

Further information and guidance on remote learning for schools and settings during Covid-19