15 February 2019
By Alex Gamby

Are you thinking of working in partnership with local childminders to offer your families before and after school care?

A childminder can apply to work 50 percent of their time running childcare from a non-domestic premises i.e. a school, pre-school or hall. This is opportunity for schools to meet the needs of their families by allowing their premises to be used by a childminder to offer wrap around care. 

Key things to consider:

  • The childminder MUST operate under a childminding registration and MUST continue to follow the same requirements as they do in their home setting – this includes RATIOS
  • The childminder can only operate on a non-domestic premises for 50 percent of their time – they can register to work from more than one non-domestic premises but the total time spent on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis must not exceed 50 percent of their working time.
  • The childminder MUST submit an application to Ofsted (even if the premises is known to Ofsted eg a school)
  • There is no separate fee to pay associated with this rule but Ofsted do need to approve your non-domestic premises BEFORE you can work there.

For more information and to apply please follow the link below:

Setting up childcare on non-domestic premises (the 50% rule)