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Making an Impact as a New Subject Leader

Audience: Primary
Multiple sessions
  • Primary School Improvement Training Package
  • Foundation
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2

Brief Overview

This two session course for new and inexperienced subject leaders will explore key aspects of the subject leader role including having a clear vision, planning for action, strengthening curriculum and supporting teachers to improve the effectiveness of their teaching to raise standards

Learning Outcomes

  • Exploring the importance of a clear vision to drive improvement planning
  • Stages of curriculum design and the role of the subject leader.
  • Understanding how the children learn and how to support teachers.
  • Exploring the importance of teaching routines and consistency.
  • The role of assessment in the learning process.
  • The subject leader's quality assurance- how to monitor and evaluate effectively.
  • The do's and don't's of developing staff. 



  • Session 1 - 11/03/2025 13:00  -  15:15
  • Session 2 - 11/06/2025 13:00  -  15:15

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Delivered by

  • Jenny Jones