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Internet Safety -Training for KCC Foster Carers

Audience: Foster Care
Single session

Brief Overview

To provide Foster carers with information and practical guidance on using social media; with an awareness of how to protect themselves when engaging with the cyber world.

Learning Outcomes

Foster Carers will:

  • Become familiar with the Internet sites and electronic communication that young people frequently visit and use e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.
  • Be equipped to recognise unsafe or unsuitable behaviour from using the Internet and be able to identify strategies to ensure safe caring.
  • Have awareness of Cyber bullying, sexting and on line grooming, together with knowledge of organisations able to assist victims of these crimes.
  • Have gained an awareness of the range of computer games readily available to young people and to be able to recognise the risks that some of these games can present to them.
  • Have explored the issues surrounding smart phones, gaming devises etc and explored ways to make the use of these gadgets safer for young people to use. For example: by restricting the use via: ISP’s, smart phone.



  • Session - 12/02/2025 10:00  -  13:00

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  • LA Training Company

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