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Effective Governance for Senior Leaders

Audience: Primary, Secondary
Single session
  • Primary School Improvement Training Package
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Key Stage 5

Brief Overview

Schools and trusts need the support and challenge of strong governing boards to help them thrive. Relevant to both experienced and new headteachers as well as senior leaders in maintained schools and academies, this session focuses on effective governance; their purpose and functions. Exploring in depth the governor’s strategic role and the understanding of the division between strategic governance and your role of operational strategic leadership.

The session will describe and expand on effective governance as expected by the Department for Education and sought by Ofsted during inspection. The session includes how governance should function; the different models of governance (including those within academy trusts) and how the governing board at all levels should hold the headteacher to account.

Building a strong professional relationship with your governing board is vital. This session also explores the key relationships you will have with the chair, clerk and governance team and how to develop a good working relationship  and how with leaders and those governing developing effective working practices together.

Learning Outcomes

  • Thorough understanding of the governing boards roles and responsibilities.
  • How effective and strong governance functions including the role of the Chair.
  • How to develop a positive working relationship with your governing board. 



  • Session - 05/12/2023 13:15  -  15:45

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Delivered by

  • Tina Gimber
  • Lorraine Monkhouse

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