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Designing & Developing Curriculum in the EYFS

Your step by step guide to writing your own EYFS curriculum written by Jan Dubiel and Polly Sharman.

Designing and Developing Curriculum in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) has been written in response to an increasing need to clarify expectations and the understanding of how to design, develop and then implement the curriculum within Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision.

Working within national guidelines and advice, educators in the EYFS have been consistently challenged to identify what the children they work with will learn and how this will progress and flourish during their time with the establishment. This represents a welcome shift in the need to articulate EYFS practice and an increased professionalism as a result. It also drives the realisation that a responsible curriculum needs to be carefully considered, sequenced, progressed and adapted to the cohort of children it will support. However, this also provided a challenge in how educators manage, articulate and gain confidence with the process this involves.

Polly Sharman from The Education People and Jan Dubiel worked with a group of schools to support the process in depth and examine, reflect on and articulate the process and the thinking involved. The purpose is not to create a template or formula to do this, but to investigate how the process is understood by educators, the decisions and considerations that are necessary, the challenges this poses and what principles can be identified to run through this.

The document is aimed at all EYFS educators and is designed to enable and support them in how to view and consider their own approaches to curriculum design and development. Through this process, they will gain a deep understanding of how this supports effective outcomes for children.

Watch our short video (below) which outlines how Designing and Developing the Curriculum in the EYFS has helped and supported a community primary school and enabled them to create and design their own curriculum and the benefits they have identified. 

Watch Our Short Video

More About the Authors

Jan Dubiel - Independent Early Childhood Education (ECE) Consultant 

Jan is a nationally and internationally recognised specialist in early childhood education. He was recently identified by the Times Educational Supplement as one of the ten most influential people in British education.

He has worked as a Nursery Class, Reception Class and Year 1 teacher, senior leader, consultant and adviser and national lead on the management of the (Early Years) Foundation Stage Profile with QCA, Head of National and International Development at Early Excellence and Director of Early Years for AISL Harrow International Schools and Bilingual Kindergartens.

Jan has developed a national and international reputation as a conference speaker, consultant and trainer and has written widely on different aspects of early years policy, pedagogy and practice. His first book Effective Assessment in the EYFS was published by SAGE in 2014.

Polly Sharman - Senior Improvement Adviser

Polly works for The Education People as a senior adviser holding the responsibility and accountability for EYFS in schools across Kent. Since 2019 she has led an area of Primary School Improvement Team. Prior to this Polly led a team of advisers to provide strategic support, advise and challenge to all EYFS settings and schools. She also held the strategic accountability for the EYFS moderation process across Kent.

Polly has experience of teaching and leading learning across all key stages, including leadership in a primary school. As a teacher, Polly was awarded Advanced Skills Teacher Status for Early Years. In addition to this she has recent experience of being a chair of governors.


Designing and Developing Curriculum in the EYFS can also be purchased using Credits.