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Wellbeing Training Package for Primary Schools

This training package has been created for those leading on wellbeing in primary schools, academies or across an academy trust.

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It will provide you with all the training and resources you require to support your students, staff and parents' wellbeing needs on an annual basis.

What's Included in the Training Package?

  • One day per year wellbeing lead training (live online).

This training will help you to embed the key skills, approaches and systems required to develop a whole school approach for wellbeing. Various dates are offered throughout the year to attend one live training course for professionals leading on wellbeing in education.

The training is hosted by Kelly Hannaghan.  The training offers the wellbeing leads support, giving them tools to develop clear intent and strategy which can be used to drive change forward and cascade to staff to embed throughout the whole school community.

Training Objectives:

- Develop and refresh your knowledge and skills in the eight priority areas of a whole school approach.

- Understanding your role as a senior mental health lead or having strategic responsibility for mental health in your school.

- Establishing your mental health and wellbeing strategy.

- Developing a mental health intent statement.

- Learn how to establish an action plan and interweave it with intervention policies and practice.

  • Three network sessions per year (two hours live online).

Communicate, collaborate and design your wellbeing pathway via wellbeing network support.

Network with other wellbeing professionals leading on Mental Health and Wellbeing and gain insights into how to effectively develop strategies and measure the impact of the work you are embedding within your school community.

Kelly leads the session using her expert knowledge and provides bespoke practical ideas inspiring wellbeing leads to cascade the practical strategies identified in the session back into their school. The live networking session provides a fantastic space with likeminded professionals to share outstanding practice and work collaboratively.

The interactive and informative sessions will provide you with updates on national and local strategies and requirements as well as an insight on Ofsted requirements, feedback through inspection data and shared knowledge from other professionals and multi agencies ensuring you are always kept up to date.

Kelly equips you with practical solutions by identifying strategies to help narrow the gap in children’s social and emotional development.

Recent topics covered in the networking sessions.

  • How the wellbeing lead can support the staff’s wellbeing when staff morale is low.
  • How to recognise and put strategies into place support Children’s challenging behaviour for example, social avoidance, lack of concentration, struggling to form positive relationships with staff and peers
  • Strategies to support children with ABSA (Anxiety based school avoidance)

Please note - This is a safe and confidential space to have open conversations therefore these sessions are not recorded.

  • One place at our annual wellbeing conference (live online).

Hear from leading experts in the field of mental health and wellbeing. The Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference will examine how we can support the mental health of whole school communities and how to adopt, implement and embed an effective and sustainable approach to wellbeing.

The programme will be packed with timely keynotes and practical workshops that will have a meaningful impact on your staff and students.

Culture: ensure that your school/setting is a proactive, healthy setting that can self-regulate from students to staff members.
Engage: staff, students and parents with new approaches to develop a positive whole school approach for mental health and wellbeing.
Resilience: take-away practical strategies and resources to create a robust community, equipped to overcome adversity and thrive in uncertain times.

Key topic include:
Worry management, Anxiety, Low mood, Depression, Staff Wellbeing, SEMH, Engaging Parents and Carers, Developing the role of Senior Mental Health Leads, The cost of living crisis.


Natasha Devon: student wellbeing
Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda: student wellbeing
Kelly Hannaghan: parent engagement
Andrew Cowley: staff wellbeing

  • Up to eight recorded training sessions per year.

Bespoke training sessions focussing on the priorities for schools. Six of these have already been allocated topics.

Discover innovative ideas to support the emotional health of school leaders across the sessions and review the factors that relate to the measuring and monitoring of pupil and staff wellbeing. Gain insight into developing a clear strategy to embed a purposeful wellbeing curriculum across your school community using a whole school approach.

The recorded training sessions focus on a variety of elements that underpin the whole school approach as well as establishing a robust wellbeing framework within your school. These sessions are designed to help you to gain and share ideas to develop an effective approach for engaging parents, carers and staff to raise outcomes for pupils.

Session 1 – whole approach leadership and management

Session 2 – enabling student voice to influence decisions

Session 3 – the personal and professional development of staff to support their own, and students wellbeing

Session 4 – identifying needs and monitoring the impact of interventions

Session 5 – working with parents and carers

Session 6 - targeted support and appropriate referrals.

The sessions examine the importance of working in harmony, developing partnerships with outside agencies and how the wellbeing lead can effectively demonstrate this in practice.

Each session allows you to access and keep the slides for future refence as well as using to cascade to your staff and personalise it to your own school, policy

  • Access to a wellbeing resource bank updated regularly.

Meet the expert

This wellbeing package will be delivered by Kelly Hannaghan.

Kelly is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant and has spent her professional career passionately putting wellbeing at the heart of education, by focussing on enhancing the life and learning experience, for people in education.

She leads school development processes creating outstanding outcomes and awards for many organisations. She is a trailblazer within the Wellbeing Lead Network for supporting pastoral teams.

Recognised by the DfE, NCB, The Anna Freud Centre and The Education Support Partnership as a lead influencer of mental health and wellbeing in education.

Kelly is an active speaker and writer of wellbeing in education and is passionate about creating the conditions under which teachers, pupils and families flourish.