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Teaching Essentials: Connect the Dots between Evidence-Based Research and Classroom Practice

Audience: Primary
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2

Cultivating a Growth Mindset Class

During this module we will consider the implications of evidence-based research in creating and developing a ‘growth mindset’ community of learners in your classroom.  You will learn how children’s ability can be developed through using practical classroom strategies so that learning gaps can be closed.

Developing Your Behaviour Management Toolbox

Behaviour management is often one of the aspects of teaching that most worries teachers, particularly in the early stages of their career or when returning to teaching after some time away. This module will support you to select the right tools to have in your ‘teacher’s toolbox’ to establish a positive culture and promote the sorts of behaviour you want to see.

Establishing a Positive Class Climate

A positive classroom climate is at the heart of good teaching and effective learning and assessment.  This module will guide you to understand the successful strategies employed by experienced teachers and help you to consider a plan to move ahead with your own class.

Questioning to Promote Talk and Thinking

Full of practical ideas and techniques, this module will help you to refine your teacher questioning so that you can strike a good balance between ‘teacher talk’ and opportunities to children to engage, think, discuss and evaluate.

Unpacking Learning Objectives and Success Criteria

This short E-learning module will look at how, by creating clear learning objectives and success criteria, children become more active in their learning, are able to assess their own learning and understand how to improve.