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SIMS Advanced Attendance Reporting

Audience: Primary School Attendance Officers
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2

This recorded webinar explores how to run:

  • Run advanced reports using the standard attendance reports provided by ESS SIMS including:
  • Selected pupil reports – attendance reports where search filters can be set by the user in order to find pupils with specific attendance characteristics such as broken weeks of attendance, common sibling absence and less than 90% attendance.
  • Group reports – these are statistical reports that summarise the data without disclosing names of pupils that are included in the report. These reports are often used by governors and senior leadership.
  • Design simple attendance summary and attendance marks reports
  • Run the school report to show school attendance.
  • Run the Percentage Attendance Vulnerable Groups report (Herts) to monitor attendance.

Why should delegates watch this recorded webinar?

This recorded webinar will enable delegates to produce reports to facilitate the monitoring of pupil attendance and provide senior staff, responsible for school attendance, with reports to track improvement in school attendance.

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